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"Jenna is an alchemist whose focus is turning her clients’ limiting patterns into pure, usable life force."

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I’m Jenna! 

Founder of Wild Grass Mentoring

Together, we are focused on living in a balanced state of being, one that develops sustainable fulfillment and meaningful relationships by cultivating authentic connection to self, close others and our environment.

My mission is to support men and their loved ones in tackling the challenges of co-creating aligned, sustainable, and shared growth. and mutual evolution. We embrace a minimalist psycho, spiritual, and ecological perspective to guide you towards a life of living in your nature...

in genuine connection.

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The Soul Growth System

Fostering Genuine Connection, Clarity, and Refinement


Drawing on an extensive 25-year background in private practice, Jenna Francesca has cultivated a wealth of expertise as a Somatic Therapist, Master BodyWorker, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Watsu & Wassertanzen Practitioner, and Executive Coach. 


"The Soul Growth System" has emerged through the amalgamation of professional acumen and invaluable personal insights, tailored to empower high-performing individuals in their journey of personal, professional, and relational development.


"The System," is a potent approach designed to nurture natural leaders, company founders, and high achievers, assisting them in discovering balance, fulfillment, and profound meaning in all facets of their lives.

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As an Executive Coach, Master Bodyworker and Somatic Therapist over the past 25 years, I have worked closely with many men who are multi-company founders.


These founders are amazing people, truly aiming for the stars, creative, great at business strategy, driven by desire to care for their loved ones and to reach the top of the success ladder for all sorts of reasons.


The problem I've seen again and again is they tend to struggle with finding the solutions for challenges that arise in interpersonal relationships, or in their mental or emotional health and that something that they are struggling with is holding them back in ways that are super frustrating to them and they just want to shut down in those moments.


Think of a sailboat - These folks are great at putting wind in their sails, but the anchor's down and below the surface there's this drag happening.  They get more and more frustrated…because the boat's not going as fast as they want to go.


If they could see it, they'd fix it… 

Clients seek my guidance when they become aware of a gap or blindspot in their lives. They sense that something is missing or misaligned, hindering their personal expansion and preventing them from experiencing consistent peace and space.


What I've discovered is they tend to need help but don't tend to ask for it until things get intense… if this is you, let's have a conversation. 


Our conversation will be akin to flushing water through a pipe.

I offer 4 complimentary consultations each month to generate some flow and get things where you want them to be. 

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