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At Wild Grass Mentoring, we embrace a minimalist psycho, spiritual, and ecological perspective to guide you towards a life of purposeful living, inner balanx and genuine connection.

We are dedicated to cultivating balanced exponential growth, sustainable fulfillment and meaningful relationships through authentic connection to self, others and your environment.

Somatic Coaching & Mentoring

The body is seen as an intelligent part of the whole system, as conscious not just as a mechanistic element to be utilized in support of the renowned "higher functioning" head brain.


Instead, I like to include the heart, gut and pelvic brains as intelligence centers to be integrated with the bio-field as well.

Somatic or body-based awareness skills play an important role in the transformations we are seeking. Without the awareness held in our bodies, we are walking in the forest and not seeing the trees.


We are overlooking a resource that is completely invaluable, a resource that has traveled with us through thick and thin and records the memories and therefore knows the path home, meaning back to a state of balance and wholeness.


A Unique Opportunity

to reconnect and realign with

the natural pace we are meant to live

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